Sample Sales Manager Resume

Job Overview

Sales managers oversee sales teams in both retail and non-retail settings. Typical responsibilities might include setting sales goals, analyzing data and projecting future sales numbers, determining how profitable a product or service might be, addressing and resolving customer complaints, observing what customers like and coordinating with manufacturers. Sales managers are also often responsible for hiring and training new sales representatives. Perhaps the most unique challenge to working as a sales manager is the balancing act of creating a good work environment while keeping customers happy and increasing profits. They usually work very closely with a company’s marketing department to target new customers, which the sales manager is responsible for approaching.

Job Education/Qualifications

When hiring sales managers, companies tend to look for candidates with bachelor’s degrees and experience in sales. Substantial experience and success in sales can be substituted for a degree. If earning a bachelor’s degree with the intention of working in sales, useful subjects include business, finance, mathematics or marketing. Related subjects are also acceptable. Because this is a managerial position, most sales managers start out as sales representatives and get promoted. Essential skills include the ability to deal with money and accounting matters, interpersonal and customer service skills, analytical skills, written and verbal communication skills and the ability to serve as a leader.

Job Outlook

Sales manager positions are expected to grow about as fast as average. Because sales managers work for just about any industry, the demand for them depends on the health of that individual industry. The BLS is projecting greater growth for sales managers working in business-to-business sales rather than business-to-customer sales due to the rise of online transactions. Fortunately, this is a position that is needed by just about every growing company, because so long as the economy is good and companies are seeing growth, sales teams will be needed to reach new customers. Sales managers are also unlikely to be outsourced overseas. Because sales can be a stressful industry, promotions can happen quickly, and competition tends to be strong because many sales representatives seek these positions. Sales managers can advance into executive roles in the company, such as becoming regional sales managers, sales and marketing directors and vice presidents of sales.

Job Earnings

Sales managers earn an average of $113,860 per year according to the BLS. The lowest percentile earns something around $54,000 annually and the highest percentile can earn over $187,000 per year. Good sales managers can see greatly increased salaries due to sales commissions. These commissions are structured differently depending on the organization: some get bonuses and commissions on individual performance and others get their bonuses and commissions based on the overall performance of their team, region or company as a whole. Some amount of travel is to be expected, although sales managers usually work in typical office environments. Sales managers generally work full-time and must be available to work overtime hours at night and on weekends if necessary.

Additional Resources

Sales Manager Resume Example


US Cellular, New York, NY (05/2011 – 10/2016)
Sales Manager

  • Provided leadership, coaching and performance management to team of sales representatives related to proper methods of client relationship building, sales profiling, needs analysis, servicing and cross-selling which led to an average revenue increase of 9% YOY throughout tenure
  • Ensured a positive client experience by utilizing CRM tools such as Salesforce to implement a secondary customer satisfaction survey to provide additional insight in to areas of opportunity throughout all phases of customer interaction
  • Maintained staff awareness of product updates, issues, and innovations in order to provide superior technical support and sales solutions
  • Formulated various lead generation strategies to increase brand recognition and market share such as involvement in tradeshows, local sponsorships, cold-calling campaigns, special promotions, and participation in local networking event
  • Successfully managed site budget by ensuring efficiency within employee payroll, accurate invoicing/purchase orders, employee satisfaction & retention, proper scheduling, and the adherence to loss prevention policies.

LDM Technologies Inc, New York, NY (09/2006 – 04/20011)

Advanced Sales Manager

  • Fostered strategic relationships with C-Level decision makers in Enterprise Level organizations
  • Gained a deep understanding of the problems that clients faced via attendance of several conventions and workshops
  • Managed regional territory to help businesses solve problems through our professional & managed services offerings
  • Worked with marketing to develop campaigns, collateral, white papers and market segmentation within the territory
  • Actively participated in overall marketing strategy via social media, webinars and industry trade shows

Excel Industries, Dallas, TX (09/2002 – 04/2006)

Sales Manager

  • Responsible for selling services using technical, organizational, and customer knowledge to influence customers and assist them in applying the services to their needs
  • Answered customers’ questions about services, prices, time-lines, and credit terms
  • Recommended services to customers based on customers’ needs and interest
  • Contacted regular and prospective customers to demonstrate services, explains product features, and solicit orders.
  • Consulted with clients after sales or contract signings in order to resolve problems and provide ongoing service
  • Negotiated prices, terms of sales and service agreements

Sheller Globe Corporation, Dallas, TX (09/1998 – 04/2002)

Sales Manager

  • Responsible for hiring, training, and performance management of sales associates
  • Primary trainer for 4 week training course completed by every new hire
  • Responsible for creating and overseeing daily, weekly, and monthly individual and teams sales goals
  • Uncovered new prospects, cultivated the relationships and maintained high customer satisfaction
  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with highest profile customers
  • Helped clients build their brand and create marketing strategies


Michigan State University – Bachelors Degree, Business Administration