Sample Medical Receptionist Resume

Job Overview

Medical receptionists serve as the first point of contact when you walk into a primary hospital or a local healthcare facility. They man the lobby, greeting patients and visitors as they enter the facility, and perform secretarial work for doctors and other medical staff members. On a normal day, a medical receptionist schedules dozens of patients, calls them to notify about upcoming appointment dates, verifies insurance information and other personal details, and handles billing to make sure the facility stays financially afloat. As a medical receptionist, you’ll also be entrusted with sensitive patient data that must be kept secure and updated at all times. Accurate and efficient recording practices must be done to be able to access information requested by doctors instantaneously. For new patients who come into the facility, the receptionist is also in charge of collecting baseline information from which medical staff members base their assessment and diagnosis.

Job Education/Qualifications

Working in the medical field entails being responsible for the lives of human beings. Thus, it’s only understandable that many companies vet their prospective employees from head to toe, which in this case includes medical receptionists. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the minimum educational requirement. Most companies will also need you to have some form of work experience, typically ranging between six months to two years. Because you will be working side by side with medical staff and catering to the needs and requests of patients and visitors, the job position requires you to be comfortable talking to people of different temperaments. You must be able to diffuse tense situations and irate visitors. Medical receptionists are also expected to have at least basic understanding of computers since you’ll be logging into a computer terminal to access patient records and manage patient appointments.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for medical receptionists is projected to expand by 10 percent by 2024, which is faster than the median growth rate for all other occupations. Overall job opportunities within this sector is expected to be sufficient when contrasted with the supply of medical receptionists in the field. Those who have related work experience both in the medical and clerical fields should have the best chances of getting a good-paying medical receptionist job. Still, difficulty to find employment will vary depending on the state and area you are searching around in.

Job Earnings

The salary for medical receptionists was reported at $28,000 per year or $13 per hour in 2015 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those with more than one year of experience, however, can make anywhere between $15 to $20, depending on the place and practice they are employed in. When compared with similar job salaries, medical receptionists earn higher than regular front-desk staff but usually fall behind administrative assistants and office managers.

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Medical Receptionist Resume Example

Professional Experience

Capital Medical, Miami, FL (March 2013 to October 2016)
Medical Receptionist

  • Maintained surgeon’s calendar for patients seen at the Hospital
  • Scheduled patients for surgery, office visits, and consultations – logged appointments in DAQ billing system
  • Prepared patient intake charts and updated with demographic and insurance information
  • Coded invoices with accurate procedure codes according to CPT codebook.
  • Greeted visitors and callers with professionalism and diplomacy
  • Confirmed and logged demographic and insurance information
  • Managed large, complex filing system


Kruger, Miami, FL (November 2009 – January 2012)
Medical Receptionist

  • Answered high volume telephone system (100 + calls per day) for Patient Care Services prompt and courteously
  • Responded to routine public inquiries with accurate and reliable information
  • Typed daily requisitions and other correspondence and forms for executive office staff
  • Tracked time and attendance for 50+ nursing staff along with posting work assignments
  • Verified work hours by collecting payment invoices, acquiring signatures, and submitting for payment
  • Signed and distributed payroll checks


Melina Clinic, Miami, FL (July 2005 – October 2009)
Medical Receptionist

  • Head of check in at front desk which included checking over patient demographics, insurance coverage and reason for visit
  • Checked out patients for follow up appointments and answered questions pertaining to their next visit
  • Updated Doctor schedules daily for the next days appointments
  • Completed patient referrals for various specialty appointments
  • Distributed and filed charts upon request for Doctors and Medical Assistants.


Greater Southeast Community Hospital, Miami, FL (March 1998 – June 2005)
Medical Receptionist

  • Responsible for physicians daily schedules
  • Scheduled 50+ patient appointments daily for Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease Practice
  • Collected and processed large payments from insurance companies and patient invoices
  • Prepared 100 paper and electronic medical records
  • Tracked and generated spreadsheets for end of day close out
  • Succeed in resolving numerous questions for patient needs
  • Scheduled and prepared countless requisitions for radiology testing
  • Verified patients insurance daily for eligibility for services rendered.


Strayer University – Healthcare Administration Certificate