Sample Electrician Resume

Job Overview

Electricians help to power homes, apartments, businesses, industries and machines by hooking up, installing, repairing and maintaining communications, electrical, lighting and related components. They also inspect transformers, circuit breakers and other equipment to make sure that they are safe. They may work on trains, airplanes, ships and motor vehicles in addition to collaborating with builders on new construction. Aside from the electricians who work in homes, there are others specialties. Among them are outside linemen or the people who work outdoors, laying lines for the infrastructure that goes from power plants to homes and businesses, and telecommunications electricians who lay cable for phones, computers and more.


To become an electrician, a candidate typically needs a high school diploma or GED. The job of electrician requires fundamentally sound math skills. In high school, students who aspire to this occupation should take algebra, electronics, physics and other science courses. After high school, some candidates go to technical school for training where they learn circuitry, a foundation in electricity and safety procedures. Many people who will become certified electricians serve an apprenticeship, which usually last five years. Some contractors and unions such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical and the National Electrical Contractors Association sponsor apprenticeship programs, and they often give veterans preference. After completing an apprenticeship, people become journey workers. They may or may not work under the supervision of a master electrician.

Job Outlook

In the decade between 2014 and 2024, jobs are expected to grow 14 percent, which is an increase of 85, 900 jobs. This is a good occupation for people who do not have a college degree. It may also be a choice for people who want to be their own boss because in 2014 about 10 percent of electricians were self-employed. Electricians who work in factories do not seem to experience the economic downturns that those in the building trades may experience.

Job Earnings

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for electricians was $51,880 annually in 2015. The median hourly pay was $24.94. The median wage for a lineman was $72,558 in 2016, with salaries ranging from $67,762 to $74,373. Apprentices make abut 30% to 50% less than experienced electricians. U.S. News Careers says that the cities where electricians make the most include Anchorage, Alaska, San Francisco and Oakland.


Electrician Resume Example


Pro Electric, Huntsville, AL (April 2011 to August 2012)

  • Ran wire for lighting and power
  • Provided power and installed hot water heaters, garbage disposals, and dishwashers.
  • Did underground work digging trenches and running PVC to provide a means of power for site lighting
  • Installed ground rods and used cad-weld equipment to ground the building
  • Ran wire and connected power for pole lighting
  • Installed conduit to provide power in electrical rooms
  • Installed exit lights and signs
  • Provided power for condensers
  • Assisted in troubleshooting problems involving short circuits

Wells and Tate Electric, Meridianville, AL (April 2010 to March 2011)


  • Worked on major job sites, including the new construction of Huntsville Hospital in Madison and also remodel jobs throughout Huntsville Hospital
  • Worked on the underground work on construction sites, such as running PVC to determine locations of electrical panels
  • Carried out service calls which included installing new plugs, breakers, lighting fixtures and ballasts and relocating existing plugs
  • Work also included installing power monitoring systems in businesses and local schools

Jesse Stutts Inc, Huntsville, AL 9May 2007 to December 2009)


  • Worked with both high voltage (100 amps plus) as well as low voltage control
  • Performed both new circuit installations and new machine installations
  • Troubleshot total machines down to component level including PLC’s
  • Maintained physical parts inventory and ordered replacement parts
  • Heavy fabrication which included welding


Associate Degree in Electrical Technology, Calhoun Community College, Huntsville, AL

Electrical Apprentice Program, North Alabama Craft Training Foundation, Huntsville, AL
Area of concentration: Electrical Engineering

Licensing & Credentials

  • TVTC Basic Safety
  • Scissor Lift
  • Aerial Manlift
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Confined Space
  • Temporary Power
  • Fall Protection
  • Excavations