Sample Software Engineer Resume


San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, CA (Dec – 2009)
M.S. in Computer Engineering

San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, CA (Jun – 2006)
B.E. in Information Technology

Relevant Coursework: Data Structure, Operating System, N/W socket Programming, SW Eng. Management, Web-UI, S/W Quality Testing


Silver Spring Networks, Redwood City, CA (04/21/2010 – Present)
Software Engineer

  • Solving problems in Advanced Metering Management (Smart Grid) product
  • Integrated support for all the Timezones
  • Created a base for Integration-test framework for applications of the organization
  • Working on the GUI Automation Framework using Selenium, JAVA and TestNG

Ericsson, San Jose, CA (02/2010 – 04/2010)

R & D Intern

  • Worked on JAVA Swing, JGraph (Open Source JAVA APIS) and XML to build GUI automation tool
  • Users (Internal QA) can drag & drop network devices to create topology graph
  • Configuration files for testing framework created dynamically based on graph

Infoblox Inc., Santa Clara, CA (07/2008 – 05/2009)

Network QA Intern

  • Developed automation tools using Perl, shell and SilkTest
  • Developed a web application for internal use with HTML, CSS, CGI and Perl
  • Worked with the feature team for GUI automation using Selenium, JAVA, Perl, XML and TestNG
  • Responsible for doing sanity testing for DNS, DHCP, RADIUS and SNMP protocols
  • Created test matrix and test plan

STG International Ltd., Santa Clara, CA (01/2006 – 06/2006)

Software Developer Intern

  • Analyzed and designed Mail-Server for company
  • Tools used: J2EE, Oracle and JBuilder


Video Streaming in Adhoc Network (Java, Visual C++), SJSU Master’s Project (Fall 2009)

  • Auto discovery of the nearby adhoc wireless networks/peers and n/w creation using – Intel API
  • VLC functionality used to stream Video or share other type of files


TCP Client (C Socket API, POSIX, LOG4c), SJSU (Spring 2009)

  • Designed TCP client based on TCP RFC over UDP protocol
  • With combination of multithreading and multiprocessing TCP client can create 600 connections
  • SYN attack and Xmas tree attack with TCP Client
  • Functionality to check performance of the server by time calculation


C Compiler (C, Yacc & Lex), SJSU (Fall 2008)

  • Developed a C like compiler that generates the machine code
  • It can parse If and else, While, For loops and simple structures
  • Compiler can also parse the arithmetic operations


Secure Data Exchange System (JAAS, JCA, JSSE), SJSU (Spring 2008)

  • Four protocols – Digest, LDAP, RADIUS and Kerberos – used for four authentication levels
  • Configured FREERADIUS server and developed a Radius client to integrate with JAAS
  • Users are authenticated and authorized using JAAS Framework


Event Management calendar (JSP,Servlets, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySql) –SJSU (fall 2008)

  • Application to send invitation to friends/relatives in connection
  • Web-UI using JMAKI and YUI, JQuery Frameworks


Hierarchy Management System- (JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle7.0) -Gujarat University, INDIA (2005)

  • Designed a system to handle authorities from top to bottom level
  • Authenticated person can add, remove and update the authorities of the authorized levels


Web Based File Management application (PHP, MySql, JavaScript)

  • Created Web GUI using JQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Implemented the Database APIs


Testing AVL Tree (JUnit , Silk Test , ElementTool) SJSU (Summer 2009)

  • Created test Black-Box test cases based on requirements and automated white-box test cases using Junit
  • Automated the Black Box test cases of AVL tree using silk test
  • Created the system test cases and performance test cases

Skill Set

Languages: JAVA, Perl, C++ and C
Scripting Languages: JavaScript (OO), Python, SilkTest, Shell script
Database Systems: Oracle 8i, Mysql
Web Technology: PHP, JSP, Servlets, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, Web Services
Frameworks & Concepts: JAAS, JQuery, YUI, JMAKI, Junit, TestNG, Design Patterns, XML, Mockito, Spring
Other Tools: Wireshark, Fiddler, Tcpdump, Qualys scan, Nessus Scan, Bugzilla, Jira, Maven, Eclipse, Perforce N/W Protocols (Knowledge): STP, OSPF, IS-IS, NAT, IPSec, Streaming Protocols, RIP