Sample Preschool Teacher Resume

Preschool Teacher Job Overview

The specific duties of a preschool teacher are different from school to school, however the essentials usually remain the same. Preschool teachers are responsible for preparing children, typically from ages 3 to 5 years, for further learning by encouraging cognitive development, creating a stimulating learning opportunities, and providing on-going mental stimulation. Aside from the teaching aspect, the preschool teacher is also in charge of developing both short and long-term lesson plans and implementing structure and consistency in the daily classroom routines. In most settings, preschool teachers are responsible for maintaining professional relationships and communications with parents as well as overseeing other childcare workers within their classroom.

Preschool Teacher Education/Qualifications

The educational requirements for preschool teachers vary from state to state and even from school to school. Some schools require their teachers to hold a B.A. or B.S. in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or Elementary Education. Others may only require an A.A. degree, a certain number of credits in Early Childhood Education classes, or simply a high school diploma. Often, a school requires that their preschool teachers have previous experience working with children in a classroom setting. In addition to educational requirements, preschool teachers must undergo fingerprinting and pass a background check, hold a current certification in infant/child CPR, and have a negative TB test result. Depending on the specific preschool, being bilingual may be beneficial.

Preschool Teacher Job Outlook

The job opportunities for preschool teachers have been steadily increasing over the past few years. As the both the number of preschool age children and demand for early childhood education continue to increase steadily in all 50 states, the employment opportunities for preschool teachers are projected to experience a 7% increase over the next decade . It is also expected that the greater number of jobs will be available to those who hold bachelor’s degrees and/or have prior experience working with preschool age children. Several states, including Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and California, offer greater funding for early childhood programs and continue to see an increasing number of employment opportunities for preschool teachers.

Preschool Teacher Earnings

The annual salary for a preschool teacher has a wide range, and there are many factors that may affect earning potential, the first being the individual employer followed by the geographic location, level of education, years of experience, and the specific duties required by the position. As expected, positions requiring minimal teaching time and a lower level of education will pay considerably less than a position requiring a more formal learning structure and a teacher holding a bachelor’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a preschool teacher in May 2015 was $28,570, while the lowest 10% earned less than $19,130, and the highest 10% earned more than $51,990. In addition to an annual salary, a preschool teacher can usually expect to receive health benefits (including dental and vision), retirement plans, and paid sick time, holidays, and vacation.

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Preschool Teacher Resume Example

Professional Experience

Children’s Learning Center, Chicago, IL (March 2013 to October 2016)
Preschool Teacher

  • Prepared students for acceleration to Kindergarten through letter and number recognition, phonemic awareness and age appropriate instruction
  • Promoted student teamwork through partnership and group activities and lessons
  • Created and lead instructional activities focused on physical, mental and social development
  • Monitored and recorded student’s progress and achievements and identified areas in need of further development
  • Integrated the use of smartboards in the classroom and increased coordination and dexterity through the use of touch screen
  • Communicated classwork and lesson plans with parents to encourage incorporating instruction at home
  • Incorporated storytelling and role playing
  • Created and maintained an engaging classroom environment which facilitated learning.


KinderCare, Miami, FL (November 2009 – January 2012)
Preschool Teacher

  • Guided students in their social-emotional skills,physical and cognitive development and language acquisition
  • Planned and prepared the theme and structure the classroom environment to match instruction
  • Conducted home visits to assess concerns of each student and offer referrals for assistance when needed
  • Conducted assessment to individual children on a regular/scheduled basis and reported the same to parents/guardian of each child
  • Created, conducted, promoted and maintained strong relationships with parents and families through daily updates, regular monthly meetings, and one on one scheduled parent-teacher conferences
  • Managed and evaluated classroom interns, volunteers, and student teachers to ensure success in their teaching-learning experience


South Kids Club, Chicago, IL (July 2005 – October 2009)
Preschool Teacher

  • Developed, submitted and implemented weekly lesson plans following the Creative Curriculum for teaching strategies based on the Common Core Standards
  • Provided nutritious meals, snacks and beverages for the children
  • Assisted each child with bathroom help while encouraging self-help
  • Designed and used hands-on learning centers for language development, arts and crafts and health
  • Created “poster-board story-time” where children participated in creating and telling stories verbally and artistically


Bright Horizons, Chicago, IL (March 1998 – June 2005)
Preschool Teacher

  • Implemented curriculum for three and four year old students
  • Provided curriculum tailored to individual students; formulated over parent/teacher conferences held monthly
  • Guided lessons on subjects including math, science, language and health/fitness
  • Available and responsive to children’s needs, parent questions and requests via in-person and phone calls
  • Attentive, flexible and supportive of children and their families during transitions to and from classrooms
  • Documented information about the children’s growth and development using Teaching Strategies Gold
  • Recipient of yearly Bright Horizons Rising Star Leadership Award


Northern Chicago Community College – Preschool Lead Teacher Certification