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Sample Software Engineer Resume 2


Senior Software Engineer with extensive and diversified experience in the Computer Software field. Skills include web services, client-server, network programming, GUI/Windows programming, system communications, telecommunication, object-oriented development, structure design and analysis, unit/integration testing and documentation. Strong background in engineering, mathematics and computer programming combined with problem solving experience, providing a foundation for getting practical results

Professional Experience

FUHU INC., Westminster, Colorado 11/2010-10/2011
Sr. Software Engineer
  • AppStore Management System: Designed and developed multi-tier application including GUI, Web Service, Client-Server and Database for Tablet using OOA/D and Design patterns, J2EE, JDK 1.6, Java/Jsp/JavaScript, jQuery, Tomcat/Jboss, Resteasy, Soap, CXF, Json, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, TCP/IP, Oracle/MySQL, CSS,AJAX, JAX-WS/JAX-RS, JSTL, JMS, ActiveMQ, HTML/XML, GWT.

  • COMCAST, Englewood, Colorado 2/2010-11/2010

  • ETS-TPP System: Designed and developed web services and GUI interface for ETS-TPP system to provide a cost effective automated solution to provision telephone customers for Comcast Corporation by managing all pre-provisioning activities and third party provisioning at the same time using J2EE, Java/Jsp/JavaScript, EJB, JPA, Spring, Ajax, YUI, Json, CSS, jQuery, Xml, Perl, Web Service, Rational Software Architect, Weblogic, Oracle, Oracle ESB, CruiseControl.

  • INTRADO INC., Longmont, Colorado 6/2004-12/2009

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Designed, developed and tested the VUI System, LOS Application, and the Vordel XML Gateway. Those applications include automatic process of provisioning E9-1-1 services for VoIP subscribers, residential and commercial local exchange service subscribers, security and authentication for access control for the company wide applications, GIS/Geocoding for Wireless service, the automation tool for loading and performance testing.
  • Applications used new and approved technologies: OOA/OOD and Design patterns, J2EE/EJB, JPA,
  • JDBC, Java/Jsp/JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, XML/XSLT/Xalan/HTML, JSTL, Web services, MS/MQ, C/C++, C#/.net, Perl, csh/ksh, schema design, Stored Procedure, PL/SQL, Oracle, Weblogic and Tomcat.

  • Level 3 Communications, INC., Broomfield, Colorado 3/2004-6/2004

  • IP VPN - Dynamic Reporting/Troubleshooting Tools: System provided a web ordering interface, search and views of existing service to Direct Sale or Partner.
  • Customers were able to create and monitor trouble tickets through the system.
  • Responsibilities included designing, coding and testing the system using Java/Jsp/JavaScript, Web services, Oracle, Weblogic, ClearCase.

  • Broadjump INC., Denver, Colorado 3/2001-2/2003

    Software Engineer
  • Auto-Provisioning System: Designed and developed Auto-Provisioning System, which gave access to information and services of the provider's OSS environment and allowed requests to qualify and register subscribers and equipment for services. Responsibilities included designing, coding and testing the system, which was developed on UNIX and NT.
  • Control Works Offering Subsystem: Designed and developed system, which provided offerings and sent announcements to inform subscribers of new and existing offerings. Responsibilities included designing and coding using Java/Jsp/JavaScript, C/C++, C#/.Net , Perl ,Web services, Oracle.

  • AT&T Broadband LAB, Broomfield, Colorado 1/2000-3/2001
    Software Engineer/Contractor
  • Interactive Television Project: Developed "Interactive TV"(ITV) services, which provided user the ability to receive Interactive TV features such as Internet access, email, Calendar and Address Book. Responsibilities included developing and testing ITV Provisioning Management System.
  • Road Runner Multi-Flow Arbitration Server: Developed Multi-flow Arbitration Server, which works with MSO gateway and Cisco Network Registrar (CNR) to provide a transactional, web-based, end-user auto-provisioning (self-activation) application for Road Runner's high-speed online service.

  • Education

    ME, Engineering, Majoring in Traffic Control, Carleton University, Ottawa
    BS, Computer Science, Carleton University, Ottawa