Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume

Job Overview

Pharmacy technicians are individuals who handle all components of the prescription fulfillment process. They also assist the pharmacist with daily operations. Some of the job duties completed by the pharmacy technicians include: dosing medications, filling prescription orders, taking care of administrative tasks, handling basic customer service duties, managing supply and inventory, providing relevant data to other healthcare professionals


Pharmacy technicians operate within the pharmacy setting. This can include pharmacies found in hospitals, drug stores, and grocery stores. While the majority of pharmacy technicians are employed full time, some work part time.

Educational Requirements

Aspiring pharmacy technicians are not required to complete any formal education requirements in order to work within the field. Generally, the high school diploma is sufficient to attain a job. However, the majority of employers will prefer applicants who have successfully completed a training program. These programs can be found in numerous vocational schools and community colleges. Generally, the programs award students with an associate’s degree or certificate and last anywhere from one to two years. Within these programs, students will take courses on key topics like: medications, pharmacy procedures, pharmaceutical terminology, pharmacy law

Job Outlook

Employment for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow at a rate of 9% between the years of 2014 to 2024. This is faster than the national average for all vocations. The rise in demand for prescription drugs will result in an increased need for pharmaceutical services. Additionally, the population is aging and the elderly generally require more prescription drugs. Yet another factor that will energize the pharmaceutical market is the rise in chronic diseases. Higher rates of illnesses like diabetes throughout all age ranges will result in a greater demand for prescription drugs.

Job Earnings

The average annual salary for a pharmacy technician was $30,410 in May of 2015. The lowest 10% generated less than $20,950. The highest 10% earned over $45,030. Keep in mind that a pharmacy technician’s yearly earnings are subject to change based on several factors. One of those factors is your level of education. Some of the other distinguishing factors include your years of experience and your employer.

Another factor that can impact a pharmacy technician’s annual salary is the industry they work within. For example, pharmacy technicians who work in general surgical and medical hospitals can earn about $35,280. On the other hand, pharmacy techs who work within grocery stores bring home about $28,730 annually.

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Pharmacy Technician Resume Example


Certified Pharmacy Technician with ten years of Pharmacy experience in retail shops, and five years experience in home healthcare and hospital set-up. Areas of expertise include hospital and retail pharmaceutical environments, familiarity with third party health insurers and care of the sick and elderly patients. Proven ability to remain calm, handle emergencies, take instructions well, and work successfully in a fast paced environment with minimum supervision.


  • Excellent computer skills in drop-off and in-putting of prescriptions and knowledge of Windows, Word and Excel based operating systems and other software applications.
  • Filling of prescriptions and Insurance billing.
  • Superb communication skills and knowledge of pharmacy law, controlled substance law, HIPAA and OSHA.
  • In-depth mathematical skills and excellent knowledge of CPR, First-Aid, aseptic techniques and compounding and packaging of medications.
  • Great ability and stamina to lift and carry items up to 70lbs and to remain standing for prolonged periods of time.

Work History

Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Marietta (Jul. 2009 — Present)
Certified Pharmacy Technician

  • Assists the Pharmacist in filling prescription items, as permitted by the Board of Pharmacy.
  • Types prescription information to produce labels.
  • Labels products appropriately, including cautionary or auxiliary labels.
  • Takes inventory, places orders, checks in drugs and supplies, stocks shelves and removes out-of-date items from the inventory.
  • Inputs patient data and medication orders into a computer system.
  • Prepares medications including emulsions, liquids, powders and ointments.
  • Packages medications for dispensing and for delivery.
  • Sanitizes IV room, equipment and hood.
  • Communicates with nursing center and hospital personnel and other customers in a pleasant and professional manner.
  • Processes returned medications from the facility for credit or destruction.
  • Excellent knowledge of Data Entry and IV experience.
  • Rings prescriptions at cash register

Walgreens Store, Powder Springs (Jan 2009 — Feb 2009)
Pharmacy Technician (Extern)

  • Assisted pharmacist in the provision of pharmaceutical care and entered data such as patient’s name, prescribed medication and cost in order to maintain pharmacy files, charge system and inventory
  • Maintained established procedures concerning quality assurance, security of controlled substances and the disposal of hazardous waste drugs.


Richmond Pharmacy and Chemical Shop, Elmina  (Sep 1998 — Apr 2008)
Pharmacy Technician/Retail Shop Owner

  • Ring prescriptions at cash register
  • Fill orders for unit doses, prepackaged pharmaceuticals, intravenous admixtures, controlled substances, floor stock, supplemental medications, emergency kits and general stock.
  • Maintain proper levels of pharmaceutical supplies, instruments and equipment.


Thamar Home for the Elderly Cape Coast, Ghana (Sep 1983 — Dec 1989)

  • Performed duties for patients such as changing bed linens, preparing meals, assisting patients in and out of bed or wheel-chair, bathing, dressing and grooming; and administering oral medications under doctor’s orders or the direction of a nurse.
  • Helped in physical therapy and exercise programs for patients..
  • Monitored the signs and symptoms associated with the various medical conditions of the patients under my care.


  • Pharmacy Technology Diploma – Medix College, Smyrna, Georgia
  • Master of Science (M.S) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) – University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) – University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia


  • Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
  • CPR/ First Aid certified