Sample Financial Analyst Resume


PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, Beijing, China (Oct 2007 – Dec 2009)
Manager, Advisory-Transaction Services

  • Analyzed and evaluated target’s industry, corporate culture, regulatory issues, quality of earnings, assets, revenue streams and cost drivers to identify any business, operational and financial impact on the potential deal.
  • Reviewed management, tax and statutory financial data and interviewed Targets’ personnel and executives to identify issues impact deal structure and purchase price.
  • Led a team of two to five members to perform financial due diligence on each in-bound and out-bound project.
  • Reviewed on sales and purchase agreements for buyers, and commented on the status of condition precedents based on the results of our due diligence.
  • Reviewed financial data and highlighted key deal issues such as negotiation points and technical accounting matters that have impacts on the purchase price for purchasers.
  • Evaluated and provided comments on potential synergies and integration costs on client’s business valuation.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams across both domestic and international markets to lead the clearance for complex transactions.
  • Created and/or commented on business/investment valuations, forecasts/budgets and pro forma financials.
  • Created deal memos, client presentations, and pitch books.
  • Facilitated and managed the deal execution process among bankers, lawyers, clients and various counterparties.
  • Developed and implemented a centralized strategy to cross sell various advisory services during transaction cycle.
  • Trained managers and staff in mandatory transaction courses.


Ernst & Young, LLP, New York, New York (Sept 2006 – Oct 2007)
Manager, Transaction Advisory Services

  • Analyzed and evaluated target’s industry, corporate culture, quality of earnings, assets, revenue streams and cost drivers to identify any business, operational and financial impact on the potential deal.
  • Conducted due diligence and highlighted key findings such as negotiation points and technical accounting matters through for senior managements and board of directors.
  • Assessed significant customer/vendor relationships, product and project developments by reviewing purchase/sales contracts, customer/vendor concentration and terms which impact Targets’ EBITDA.
  • Evaluated potential synergies, integration cost and commenting on financial models.
  • Presented comprehensive financial analysis of EBITDA, net assets, working capital and cash flow, etc. for private equity clients and corporate bankers.
  • Facilitated and managed deal execution process with bankers, lawyers, clients and other various counterparties.


PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, New York, New York (Jun 2004 – Aug 2006)
Senior Associate, Transaction Services

  • Assisted acquirers to evaluate targets and improved their deal processes and set post-close priorities.
  • Assisted foreign and domestic corporations on IPOs, M&As, and debt offering execution process.
  • Performed due diligence to identify key deal issues which impacted purchase price.
  • Assisted clients to identify possible risks in foreign operations and evidence of operational weakness.
  • Prepared financial models/valuation, investment pro formas, and return summaries using MS Excel that utilized various debt, fee, and equity promote structures.
  • Performed Japanese and US accounting conversions in Tokyo for 15 months for foreign financial institutions in order to issue securities in both US and UK.
  • Valuated non-performing loans and leases for various Japanese banks.


Deloitte & Touche, LLP, New York, New York (Sept 2001 – Jun 2004)
Senior Auditor, Assurance & Advisory Services

  • Assisted Client’s IPO and venture capital investments by reviewing their financial status or standings.
  • Planned and executed 45 audits/reviews for client, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & CO., over a three month period.
  • Reviewed financial statements and investigated unusual trends and interrelationships as part annual 10K filings.
  • Analyzed clients’ daily operating, financial and investment activities as required by NASDAQ.


DELOITTE & TOUCHE, LLP, New York, New York (July 1999 – Sept 2001)
Senior Analyst

  • Structured and securitized asset backed securities for originators prior trading
  • Assessed legal, economic, accounting, credit, and regulatory issues of securitization transactions for originators.
  • Assisted underwriters to implementing pitch/show books by verifying all the financial data presented were accurate.
  • Prepared term sheets, prospectuses, and information memoranda for potential investors, rating agencies, and regulators.


Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Master Business Administration: Finance and Accounting
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Bachelor of Science: Finance and Accounting