Sample Preschool Teacher Resume

Professional Experience

Children’s Learning Center, Chicago, IL (March 2013 to October 2016)
Preschool Teacher

  • Prepared students for acceleration to Kindergarten through letter and number recognition, phonemic awareness and age appropriate instruction
  • Promoted student teamwork through partnership and group activities and lessons
  • Created and lead instructional activities focused on physical, mental and social development
  • Monitored and recorded student’s progress and achievements and identified areas in need of further development
  • Integrated the use of smartboards in the classroom and increased coordination and dexterity through the use of touch screen
  • Communicated classwork and lesson plans with parents to encourage incorporating instruction at home
  • Incorporated storytelling and role playing
  • Created and maintained an engaging classroom environment which facilitated learning.


KinderCare, Miami, FL (November 2009 – January 2012)
Preschool Teacher

  • Guided students in their social-emotional skills,physical and cognitive development and language acquisition
  • Planned and prepared the theme and structure the classroom environment to match instruction
  • Conducted home visits to assess concerns of each student and offer referrals for assistance when needed
  • Conducted assessment to individual children on a regular/scheduled basis and reported the same to parents/guardian of each child
  • Created, conducted, promoted and maintained strong relationships with parents and families through daily updates, regular monthly meetings, and one on one scheduled parent-teacher conferences
  • Managed and evaluated classroom interns, volunteers, and student teachers to ensure success in their teaching-learning experience


South Kids Club, Chicago, IL (July 2005 – October 2009)
Preschool Teacher

  • Developed, submitted and implemented weekly lesson plans following the Creative Curriculum for teaching strategies based on the Common Core Standards
  • Provided nutritious meals, snacks and beverages for the children
  • Assisted each child with bathroom help while encouraging self-help
  • Designed and used hands-on learning centers for language development, arts and crafts and health
  • Created “poster-board story-time” where children participated in creating and telling stories verbally and artistically


Bright Horizons, Chicago, IL (March 1998 – June 2005)
Preschool Teacher

  • Implemented curriculum for three and four year old students
  • Provided curriculum tailored to individual students; formulated over parent/teacher conferences held monthly
  • Guided lessons on subjects including math, science, language and health/fitness
  • Available and responsive to children’s needs, parent questions and requests via in-person and phone calls
  • Attentive, flexible and supportive of children and their families during transitions to and from classrooms
  • Documented information about the children’s growth and development using Teaching Strategies Gold
  • Recipient of yearly Bright Horizons Rising Star Leadership Award


Northern Chicago Community College – Preschool Lead Teacher Certification