Sample Cashier Resume

Job Overview

As a cashier, you will be expected to scan and process items in a timely and professional manner. You will also be expected to appropriately handle customer concerns and complaints, as well as have at least a general knowledge of the store. You will be in charge of addressing price discrepancies, applying discounts and coupons, as well as applying exclusive member discounts when applicable. You should be able to properly identify fraudulent bills and checks, as well as forged coupons. You will be responsible for your till, which means that you will be expected to take payment, give correct change, and otherwise keep your cash drawer neat and tidy.

Cashier Job Training and Qualifications

To begin your career as a cashier, you need only be the legal working age with a clean background check. Typically, you will undergo on the job training, including classes on protocols, how to operate the register, proper cash handling, how to identify fraudulent bills, work place safety, customer care, and chains of command.
With some stores, it will be required that you get special certifications. For example, in the state of Texas, any store wishing to sell alcohol must have all cashiers undergo the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (or TABC) training before they receive a TABC license, which enables them to legally sell alcohol. This must be renewed at regular intervals.

Job Outlook for Cashiers

The job growth for cashiers from 2014-2024 is slowing, with only a 2% increase expected. This is in large part due to the increases in online sales and the growing market for self-service checkout stands. The following breaks down the industries that hired the most cashiers.:

  • Grocery Stores – 24%
  • Gas Stations – 17%
  • General Stores – 12%
  • Restaurants – 8%
  • Department Stores – 6%

Job Earnings

The average annual wage for cashiers from 2015, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $9.28 per hour. The lowest 10% averaged $8.09 per hour, and the highest 10% averaged $13.52. The average annual wages for cashiers in specific industries is as follows:

  • Grocery Stores – $9.40 per hour
  • General Stores – $9.24 per hour
  • Department Stores – $9.14 per hour
  • Gas Stations – $9.12 per hour
  • Restaurants – $9.10 per hour

Additional Resources

Cashier Resume Example


CVS Pharmacy, Chicago, IL (July 2012 – August 2016)

  • Communicated with customers to explain products
  • Operated cash register in order to manage cash for sold items
  • Listened and resolved customer complaints
  • Persuaded customers to purchase additional items when checking out to increase company revenue
  • Coordinated with crew members packing products in bags when checking out
  • Initiated new customers’ accounts before purchasing

Vons Scripps, Chicago, IL (July 2006 – June 2012)

  • Greeted customers as they entered the store
  • Stocked and keept workspace clean
  • Communicated transaction processes to customers and answered any questions
  • Participated in marketing activities as needed
  • Offered additional products / services when appropriate
  • Followed company policies, guidelines, and safety and security standards
  • Performed cash and check handling activities
  • Balanced personal cash drawer every shift

Finish Line, Chicago, IL (March 2002 – June 2006)

  • Resolved customer issues by implementing customer service skills learned through training and acquired knowledge of pleasing the customer
  • Quoted prices and discounts as well as credit terms, trade­in allowances, warranties and delivery dates
  • Assisted in the set­up of merchandise displays
  • Entered transactions in the Point of Sale systems (POS) and provide customers with the total owed
  • Identified prices of goods using personal recall or electronic scanners


West High School, Chicago, IL – Diploma