Sample Banking Analyst Resume


Progressive experience in the financial sector over a period exceeding 4 years covering a wide range of profile exposures. Specialized in investment analysis with proficiency in statistics, expertise in strong analytical, communication and writing skills, dealing with a variety of clients, staff members and employees. Self motivated, capable of taking instant decisions and applying them to innovative tasks as well as meeting given deadlines.

Work Experience

Axis Bank LTD., Tucson, AZ (June 2006 – October 2008)
Portfolio Analyst

  • Diversified portfolio analysis by conducting company research, assessing economic trends
    across investment sectors and analyzing clients investment needs and risk appetite.
  • Analyze investments of clients portfolios, including several with more than 5 million in total assets under management
  • Provide clients (both individual and corporate) with asset allocation strategies in various investment avenues/sectors including direct equities, mutual funds, bonds, insurance etc.
  • Perform market analysis to determine support and resistance levels
  • Conduct company research by communicating with company management and sell side analysts
  • Analyze and consult with clients to assess their risk appetite, investment needs and priorities and accordingly prepare the risk profiler
  • Prepare regular analysis reports including portfolio asset allocations, write ups on sectors/companies, market watch newsletters
  • Prepare value added analysis like tax planning reports for clients.


HDFC Bank LTD., Tucson, AZ (October 2005 – May 2006)
Financial Analyst

  • Managing clients investment portfolio in a tax advantaged way.
  • Analyze financial performance of clients portfolio
  • Analyze market trends across economic sectors across the globe based on stock exchange values in Asia, USA
  • Plan strategies for clients asset allocation to maximize diversification and hence minimize unwarranted risk
  • Perform risk analysis for the investors
  • Establish new investment accounts and deepen existing ones to contribute to the profit of the company

IDBI LTD., Tucson, AZ (February 2005 – October 2005)
Financial Planner

  • Provide investment planning to clients analyzing their financial need/ priorities
  • Monitor clients portfolio performance regularly
  • Manage important investment relationships for the bank, both corporate and individual
  • Supervise the training and mentoring of new market representatives
  • Maintain database to track clients investment data
  • Manage revenue reports of support teams and service desk for senior management
  • Resolve inconsistencies in revenue trade reports, ensuring new accounts are set up and booked correctly

ABN Amro Bank, Tucson, AZ (July 2004-January 2005)
Personal Banker

  • Handle important corporate and individual client relationships for the bank
  • Establish and service special customers accounts
  • Process and verify customer transactions
  • Compare internal client revenue numbers and report to the business


Arizona State University –Master of Arts (Economics)
Arizona State University –Bachelor of Arts (Economics)